IBIS web versions

Legacy server versions

http://woozleHF-svr Woozle Hotfix server

http://woozleHFii-svr Woozle Hotfix 2 server used by AJ Hackett

2017 q4 systems and servers

http://nxserver-release-ibis-2017q4/2017 Q4 server release. Should be stable now

http://2017q4-uat.ibisres.comUser acceptance testing for 2017 Q4 server.

2018 q1 systems and servers

http://fit5-dev/ Fit5 development site. Includes new Events functionality

http://fit5-live/ Currently used by Hanmer (TransWorld?)

http://onlineEx-dev Online Exchange, almost complete...

http://nxserver-release-ibis-2018q1/2018 Q1 server release.

Feature development

http://nxserver-dev-eventsReports/ Events and reporting. Needed when testing new client features

http://nxserver-dev-financeapi/ Exposes the finance API

AJ Hackett

http://woozleHFii-svr/ The server they are currently based on

http://ajhackett-UAT.ibisres.com/ For when doing release testing

http://ajhackett-fit2/ OR http://aj-dev.ibis4.net FIT website and public UAT URL

Southern discoveries (SDL)

http://sdl-qtn-uat.ibisres.com/ The primary test server

http://sdl-mlf-uat.ibisres.com/ Secondary server

http://sdl-fit/ OR http://sdl-fit.ibis4.net/Reservation/Availability FIT website and public UAT URL (same site)